l’enfer c’est les autres   /   photograph, cobblestone, barbed wire, concrete, chalk handwriting, installation

exhibited in hasköy yün iplik fabrikası, istanbul, turkey (2017)

why is it so hard to change? if change is the only thing that doesn’t change, then why resist it so badly? in spite of himself, man can’t help but be himself sometimes... knowing he will be shot in the forehead with a bullet of prejudice as soon as he exposes all his weaknesses, all his imperfections... at the cost of being marginalized. he changes his mind; his eyes full of curiosity for the new can no more be imprisoned in the dark corridors of his old mind. he can’t deny his nature; he can’t avoid his instincts, that restless demon tossing and turning in his soul. there’s no running from it; it’s in that insincere smile on the faces of the others every time he obeys. it’s in that crowd with fixed ideas rubbing its hands together with enthusiasm, saying “we have made you one of us too”, whose pain of sameness subsides only when your uniqueness drowns, whose essence and truth have long vanished and gone, slave to names, adjectives, labels... hell is other people. and this is exactly why insisting on the self is the most beautiful and truest form of resistance in this universe. ipek yeğinsü


asli aydemir - l'enfer c'est les autres - 01


asli aydemir - l'enfer c'est les autres - 02


asli aydemir - l'enfer c'est les autress - 03


asli aydemir - l'enfer c'est les autres - 02


asli aydemir - l'enfer c'est les autres - 03


* photos: çağdaş uyanık