chinatown   /   souvenir ceramic plates, decal

exhibited in cer modern, ankara, turkey (2015)

souvenir ceramic plates are iconic products of travel culture and every local symbol to be remembered belonging to that culture is identified with these plates. as a result of globalisation led by capitalism, whereas communication and intercultural development should have risen, deculturisation / degeneration have come to sit on the center of globalisation because of capital truths. in the current era, wherever we go in the world, we are faced with the locomotive of industrial production: chinese products. the work chinatown is prepared as an installation shaped like a chinese map that shows deculturasition by focusing on the extinction of handmade products and local tastes via ironically labeling the souvenir plates as made in china.


asli aydemir - chinatown - 01


asli aydemir - chinatown - 02


asli aydemir - chinatown - 03


asli aydemir - chinatown - 04


asli aydemir - chinatown - 05


* photos: prof. dr. ertuğrul h. aydemir