301 urns   /   porcelain, 301 mold reproductions, installation

exhibited in mamut art project, istanbul, turkey (2016)

in addition to paying respects to the memory of the miners that died / perished in the soma mine disaster, 301 urns is executed to reveal the extent to which social media manipulates perception, to show how much space 301 individuals would take than simply writing or saying the numbers 3-0-1, and to urge viewiers to embrace the fact that the people they've encountered / met throughout their lives may be dead.


asli aydemir - 301 urns - 01


asli aydemir - 301 urns - 02


asli aydemir - 301 urns - 03

Crematorium; the place where bodies are burned at high temperatures. Cremation is stumbled upon in many cultures and religions. In some cultures the ashes of the deceased are kept as memoires. The jars that keep these memories are called URNs. There are no crematoriums in Turkey. For the majority of people burning bodies is unacceptable and a sin. There are no official ways to apply for burning a body butfıtratında var*
*fıtratında var; "in its nature" represents the explanation of governement officials regarding the death of 301 miners in Soma, Turkey…


asli aydemir - 301 urns - 04


asli aydemir - 301 urns - 05


asli aydemir - 301 urns - 06


* photos: çağdaş uyanık